A Night of Shoplifting in Arlington Heights Tuesday

In an hour’s time Tuesday night, Arlington Heights police had three shoplifting cases to process. All three cases of retail theft were about the 6:00 o’clock hour Tuesday night. At Kohl’s, Arlington Heights police arrested a female adult, at Target police arrested a male, and at Jewel/Osco at 1860 South Arlington Heights Road a male/Hispanic fled and got away with several bottles of liquor that was stolen from the store. The male/Hispanic got into a white or silver truck, van or SUV that was driven by a female driver. The male/Hispanic was described as wearing a black vest, brown jacket, and blue sweat pants. A store security agent got a license plate on the vehicle — Arlington Heights police are investigating.

Exactly one week ago Arlington Heights police caught up with a male/Hispanic shoplifter a few blocks west of the same Jewel/Osco after security saw a suspect walk out of the store with a bottle of José Cuervo without paying. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody at Arlington Heights police headquarters.