Village Board Meeting Tonight Met with Demonstration for Teen Center

Teens were demonstrating in support of keeping the Teen Center open, in response to budget cutbacks that may cause closure someday of the Teen Center at Belmont Avenue and Miner Street, 112 North Belmont Avenue. The demonstration was held at Arlington Heights Road and Northwest Highway at about 7:00 p.m. Monday in freezing temperatures.

At the village board meeting a standing-room crowd of teenagers and parents urged the board to keep the Teen Center open. The village board decided to defer closing until at least the following fiscal year.

Cutting village funding to the teen center would have saved $378,400, and deferring the budget cut keeps the budget deficit over $800,000.

According to the Villag of Arlington Heights official website, the Arlington Heights Teen Center, Inc. (AHTC, Inc.) is a not for profit 501c3 organization established to develop resources for the Arlington Heights Teen Center. Goals for the Village of Arlington Heights are to meet the immediate needs and promote ongoing support of the teen center including: direct financial support, capital equipment and materials. The Teen Center offers a wide variety of activities and services on a drop-in basis and at no cost to the participants.

The Villages Teen Link program provides residents with names of teens willing to do various tasks such as yard mowing, pulling weeds, raking leaves, and snow shoveling. Teenagers are needed year round, but especially during heavy snowfalls.

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