Strange Spiral Light Over Norway: Failed Russian Rocket? UFO? VIDEO

Spiraling bluish-white light that appeared to be larger than the Moon was seen for several minutes.

VIDEO: Russia Today reports that experts think the light might be a test rocket launched from the White Sea that went out of control and was destroyed, but Russia says, “NYET — no rocket was launched.”

UFO? New phenomena? Alien experiment? Stray Russian rocket? Northern lights? Wormhole? ‘Stargate?’ Hoax?


See beautiful photos of the phenomena published on NRK Nyheter
Tandberg: — Missil ut av kontroll …

Seen from the Inner Harbour in Tromso in northern Norway.
Also seen from Alta in northern Norway.
Seen in all of north Norway and the Trondelag.

Chief Scientist Erik Tandberg, at the Norwegian Space Centre, said that he too was “totally amazed” by the spiral.

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