Broken Water Main Floods, Closes Thomas Avenue on Christmas Eve

Video of cars in rising waters of flood from a water main break at Thomas Avenue and Beverly Avenue.

Arlington Heights Public Works employees worked long hours on Christmas Eve to repair a water main break near Thomas Avenue and Beverly Avenue. A road hazard with heavy flooding was reported on Thomas Avenue between Hickory Avenue and Dryden about 5:30 p.m. Thursday. Water was higher than knee-deep, near Thomas Avenue and Beverly Avenue. There was heavy flow of water bubbling out of the ground on both sides of a driveway on the south side of Thomas Avenue near Beverly Avenue. The water streamed down toward Hickory Avenue, where a low stretch of road had heavy flooding. As crews arrived, and before they had a chance to close the road, drivers were slow to react the road conditions. Several cars hit the water hard, even with flashing lights from public works trucks lighting up the area. Some drivers decided to turn around and avoid traveling through the water.

Public works crews closed Thomas Avenue and cleared snow from drains in preparation to repair the water main break. Crew had to work past midnight on Christmas Eve to repair the broken water main underground, but the flooding was cleared before midnight and Thomas Avenue was re-opened before then.