Gas Fire, Numerous Calls for Tall Flames Over Rooftops Near Lake Cook Road Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove Fire Department received numerous calls for tall flames over rooftops near Lake Cook Road and the railroad tracks in Buffalo Grove. A controlled burn of excess gas was being performed at the rear of the old CDW building in the 1000 block of East Lake Cook Road in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Possible work was being performed on a gas line between the Banner Plumbing building and the North Central Metra line railroad tracks (Milwaukee/Wisconsin Central tracks). The flames may be visible until about 8:00 p.m. Tuesday night.

People from the neighborhood of Horatio Gardens on Horatio, Osage Terrace, and Armstrong reported tall flames visible over the rooftops. Buffalo Grove Fire Department responded and investigated — finding the controlled burn, which they were situationally aware.

The flames were visible from Metra trains and as far north as the Sidney Mathias commuter station near Deerfield Parkway. People traveling westbound on Lake Cook Road and impressive view of the tall flames coming off of a tower behind the Banner Plumbing building in the 1000 block of East Lake Cook Road in Buffalo Grove.

Heat from the flames could be felt about 200 yards away.