Trees Branches Down, Power Outages Arlington Heights, Northwest Suburbs

Maple tree snapped in half with high winds Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning.

A maple tree that snapped in half blocks a sidewalk near Euclid Avenue and Haddow Avenue.

Power outages reported in far North Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove and Mount Prospect. Several transformers blew with a loud popping noise and some trees were reported to have started on fire. A transformer was reported on the ground and on fire in the 0-99 block of South Mount Prospect Road in Mount Prospect.

Commonwealth Edison reported that about 19,000 customers lost power with the north suburbs hardest hit. Some customers still remained without power, but most customer power was restored overnight.

Numerous small and medium tree branches down throughout the area. One large branch down at Oakton and Dryden blocking 90 percent of the roadway near the intersection. Some tree branches took down electric power lines, telephone lines and cable television lines. Arlington Heights Fire Department received a call for a tree on a power line on Jules, but the line turned out to be a cable television line. The firefighters were able to remove the branch from the cable television line.

Winds were steady about 20 to 25 mph from 7:00 p.m. until after midnight Tuesday/Wednesday. Gusts ranged from 37 mph to just over 41 mph during the same time period.

A WIND ADVISORY posted at 4:58 p.m. by the National Weather Service until 2:00 a.m. Wednesday October 7, 2009.