Retail Theft from Marshalls, Security in Foot Chase, Police Search

Arlington Heights police activity in neighborhood directly south of Marshalls and Best Buy. Marshalls security was involved a foot pursuit with a suspect involved in retail theft at the Marshalls store, 601 East Palatine Road.

Offender one is described as a male/Hispanic, wearing a white coat, white hat blue jeans and black shoes.
Offender two is described as female/Hispanic with black hair accomplice wearing a gray hoodie and tan pants.

Some of the merchandise stolen was dropped during the pursuit. The offenders were last seen running between houses near Douglas Avenue and Charles. Police caught up with Marshalls security personnel and have also setup a search perimeter in the neighborhood.

Another two offenders may have also ducked into Best Buy, next-door to Marshalls. A K-9 unit was called in to search the neighborhood. The K-9 unit also searched inside the Best Buy store.