Marist Poll: Most Annoying Word Phrases 2009? Here’s a Few of Our Own

Here are the results of the most annoying word phrases, from a telephone survey conducted by Marist University in August 2009 …

Whatever (especially disliked in the Midwest/55%) — 47% chose it as most disliked

You know — 25% chose it as most disliked

It is what it is — 11% chose it as most disliked

Anyway — 7% chose it as most disliked

At the end of the day — 2% chose it as most disliked

National poll of 938 residents
The survey of 938 United States residents was conducted on August 3rd through August 6th, 2009. Residents 18 years of age and older were interviewed by telephone. Telephone numbers were selected based upon a list of telephone exchanges from throughout the nation. The exchanges were selected to ensure that each region was represented in proportion to its population. To increase coverage, this land-line sample was supplemented by respondents reached through random dialing of cell phone numbers. The two samples were then combined.

Results are statistically significant at 3.2%. The error margin increases for cross-tabulations.

Wonder if these were in the running over at Marist?
Here are some more suggestions from The Cardinal …

Awesome! (e.g., when used responding to something like ‘I just got my nails done’)

Cool (especially when used by someone who has no idea what ‘cool’ is)

Dude (eg., ‘Dude, please don’t call me ‘Dude’)

My friend (when directed at someone in total disagreement in an argument)

Amazing (especially when used while yawning)

I mean (especially when used more than two times in the same sentence)

sick (in case you don’t know ‘sick‘ has replaced ‘cool’ in the younger generation)

Look (used condescendingly when someone doesn’t agree with the same spin that the orator is spewing)

Shame on you (when use for something that has nothing to do with morality to express an opinion)

People (used when addressing a group … really only acceptable when used by totally dominating extraterrestrial aliens, as in the short form of ‘People of earth’)

Marist Poll: 10/7: “Whatever…” Takes Top Honors as Most Annoying