Krauthammer: Cheney Is Winning the Debate Debunking Liberal Argument that Enhance ‘Torture’ Doesn’t Work

Liberal Position: Enhanced Interrogation ‘Torture Doesn’t Work’ … Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer outlines the points that support former Vice President Dick Cheney’s debate that debunks the liberal position. Here they are:

1. People intuitively know that everybody has a breaking point when experiencing torture.

2. OIG Report (Office of Inspector General) that tells you in black and white that Kalik Shiek Muhamad* said nothing of interest until he was exposed to simulated drowning and sleep deprivation … then he became a professor of Al Qaeda with a chalkboard.

3. And finally, liberals say its a coincidence that he didn’t say anything before [the ‘torture’] and spoke after. And its a coincidence that there were no attacks in eights years. Krauthammer explains that reason debunks the liberal stance.

Krauthammer concludes that Cheney is winning the debate because it is obvious, intuitively and empirically, that the interrogation techniques have saved American lives.

Kahlid Saad Mohammed (KSM) is a citizen of Saudi Arabia held in extrajudicial detention in the United States Guantanamo Bay detainment camps, in Cuba