Flashback Compilation: Illinois Meteor 2003 Captured by Four Cameras

Four camera views of flash or actual meteor over Chicago’s south suburbs [NO AUDIO].

MAR 26 2003 — A meteor sighted by citizens in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio around midnight displayed a bright fireball and bright flash in the sky. Several meteorites fell near the village of Park Forest — striking at least two houses and a fire station. More meteorites fragments were recovered in the area for days afterward. The total mass of all recovered meteorites was over 18 kg. The single largest meteorite was about 3 kg (over 6 pounds).

Four cameras captured the actual meteor or the flash in the sky.

#1 — Flash captured in video at a fire scene in Chicago.

#2 — Flash captured by Harvey Police Department Car dashcam documented 23:52

#3 — Descending meteor image captured by unknown police car 118 dashcam.

#4 — Descending meteor image captured by Schiller Park Police Department Car 604 dashcam.

Compilation of meteors and aftermath damage to homes and vehicles, including the south Chicago suburban area. [Soundtrack to the compilation is Clubbed to Death (Blissful Beats) by Rob D.]