Chicago Government Services Closed Monday August 17, 2009

As part of the 2009 budget, three reduced-service days were planned for 2009, days which are unpaid holidays for all affected employees:

The Friday after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
New Year’s Eve, which the City Council recently approved to move up to Monday August 17, 2009

Emergency service providers including 9-1-1, police, firefighters and paramedics will be working as usual, but most services not directly related to public safety will have a holiday.

Services with the day off include:
City offices (most)
Garbage collection (expect a one-day delay this upcoming week)
Health clinics
Senior service centers
Street sweeping

According to the City of Chicago’s official website …
“The national recession continues to have a significant impact on the City of Chicago’s budget. And despite efforts to reduce costs and better manage government, the City’s 2009 revenue shortfall is expected to be about $300 million.”

“In addition to the reduced service days, all non-union employees were asked to take a series of furlough days and unpaid holidays. Most non-sworn union employees agreed to take similar unpaid time off. These savings are expected to reduce the City’s 2009 budget deficit by more than $34 million.”

Information obtained from the official website of the City of Chicago —