A New Kind of Heroine in Greece: Woman Burns Indecent Exposer

Stuart Feltham (left) and Marina Fanouraki, accused of setting him on
fire after alleged molestation at nightclub.

AUG 08 2009 CRETE (court case) — from the world crime notebook … Marina Fanouraki, 26, was at the Electra Bar in Malia during early morning hours, when she claims she was molested and accosted from behind by a man who grabbed her between her legs. When Marina turned around, she claims she saw Stuart Feltham standing there with his genitals exposed and asking for sex. Fanouraki allegedly threw flammable liquid, the contents of a glass of Sambuca, on 20-year-old Stuart Feltham and ignited it with her cigarette lighter. Fanouraki denies that she lit him. She speculates that Feltham lit himself on fire when he tried to smoke a cigarette. In fact, Fanouraki claims she tried to extinguish the man’s genital fire.

Feltham, a British tourist and plumber trainee, was unable to appear in court because of his injuries, which involved second degree burns ranging from his chest to his upper genital region. He, his family and friends claim that he did not expose himself. Feltham says that another guy accidentally bumped him into Fanouraki.

Girls panties and bras hang from the ceiling at the Electra Bar at the Malia Resort.

Electra Bar is located at the resort of Malia, which has a reputation of cheap alcohol and rowdy nightlife.

Locals have praised Fanouraki — comparing her to Laskarina Bouboulina, a 19th century heroine of Greek independence, who fought with Filiki Etaireia, and was involved in naval blockades against the Ottoman Empire. Bouboulina was killed in 1825 during a case of domestic violence (gunshot to the forehead) when family members of her daughter inlaw (recently eloped) came to retrieve her in Spetses.

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