DEA Agents, Jefferson Parish Louisiana Cops that Searched Semi-Trailer Suffer Nausea and Dizziness

Fumes from a mystery substance found in an 18-wheeler truck that authorities believed were shipping narcotics sickened numerous law enforcement officers in Louisiana. At least 18 DEA agents, Louisiana State Police troopers and Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputies have been quarantined as a precaution at East Jefferson General Hospital until the substance is identified. A decontamination unit was set up in the hospital’s parking lot near the emergency room and the law officers was processed there.

The trouble began when a Louisiana State Trooper made a traffic stop of a suspicious truck on Interstate 10 in St. John the Baptist Parish west of New Orleans. A white powder was found in the truck trailer. The state trooper secured the truck and called in members of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Team, which is made up of Jefferson Parish sheriff’s deputies, DEA agents and state troopers.

The truck was moved to state police headquarters in Kenner, Lousiana for a thorough search. Limes, cocaine (23 kilograms/estimated $500K) and pesticides were found in the truck. During the search law enforcement officers became ill.

Fire department and state police hazardous units responded to secure the truck from endangering the public. The first impression of investigators is that the pesticide fumes may have caused the illness.

The truck’s signage had ‘CG Transport’ on the sides. There is a CG Transport listed in Mission, Texas and Houston, Texas; but police had not established a known connection with any legitimate company (Google CG Transport).

The truck’s driver, David Aparicio, 47, of Sinton, Texas, and his brother Francisco Aparicio, 45, of Taft, Texas were booked in St. John Parish on possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

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