Minivan Driver Rear-Ends Garbage Truck

One person was injured Friday afternoon about 3:30 p.m. when a minivan crashed into the back of a Groot garbage truck. Arlington Heights Fire Department brought a pin-in response for the person who was trapped in the minivan for less than 10 minutes while firefighters extricated their patient from the minivan. The front-end of the minivan was wedged under the back of the garbage truck in the southbound median lane of Arlington Heights Road, just north of Algonquin Road (Route 62).

No other injuries were reported. Despite lane blockage by fire department vehicles and police vehicles, several drivers drove into the center lane, which was the buffer zone for police officers and firefighter/paramedics who were managing the accident scene. At least two drivers ignored a police officer’s command to get out of the center lane, right next to the accident vehicles.