Captured: Thief Runs Out the Back Door of Kohl’s with Two Vacuums

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Caught in the act

A man left Kohl’s without paying for merchandise and ran out the back door with two vacuums just before 4:00 p.m. Friday. Kohl’s security saw him take the two vacuums and began the chase — right behind him. The suspect, in his 20’s and wearing a baseball cap, orange jacket, black pants and white running shoes, dropped the two vacuums, got around to the front parking lot and headed toward Portillo’s. The thief thought he got away by ducking into Portillo’s, but the Kohl’s security guard jumped into an Arlington Heights squad car that had just arrived and informed the Arlington Heights police officer that the suspect ran into Portillo’s at Ridge Avenue and Dundee Road. A few more officers arrived to surround the Portillo’s and had the suspect in custody in a matter of minutes.