Strong Arm Robbery on Evergreen Near Campbell Street

Video showing suspect identification after a report of armed robbery on the street in Arlington Heights.

TUE JAN 20 2009 — A woman in her thirties walked in to Starbucks at 33 South Evergreen Avenue and called 9-1-1 to report that she was robbed at gunpoint at about 6:00 p.m. Tuesday on Evergreen Avenue near Campbell Street. The woman reported that a gun was implied with a man pointing at her under his coat and demanding money. The woman gave up her money and the man fled southbound on foot down Evergreen Avenue. Dedicated Arlington Heights police officers quickly responded to the call for help with multiple squad cars arriving and searching the area. Other commuters, who witnessed the crime, reported that the man did have a gun and at least one witness reported that the man ducked in to Keswick Jewelers at 69 South Evergreen Avenue.

Arlington Heights police captured a suspect and brought him outside for identification. The suspect was then taken from the scene. Witnesses in Starbucks saw the man attempt to steal money near the cash register earlier in the evening and also saw the same man running southbound by the Starbucks about the same time that the robbery was reported. No injuries reported.

Reminder: An individual is NOT guilty until proven guilty in a court of law.