Schaumburg Police Officer Frank Russo Dies After Chase and Struggle with Offender

Frank Russo, Schaumburg Police Department

Schaumburg Police Officer Frank Russo, 47, died after a foot pursuit and struggle with an offender near the 1000 block of East Golf Road. The chase started when security personnel at John Barleycorn restaurant and nightclub, 1100 American Lane, asked for assistance from Russo and his partner, who were working extra duty at John Barleycorn on Halloween night. The pursuit by the two officers headed north toward Golf Road. The chase of two males ended in a struggle when the suspects were confronted while hiding behind a dumpster in a shopping center on Golf Road. Police report that during the struggle, Russo’s partner was struck by suspect Jordan Miczek of Glendale Heights. Russo collapsed and lost consciousness — also during the struggle. Schaumburg Fire Department paramedics, who were called immediately, worked to revive the stricken officer and transported Russo to Alexian Brothers Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 2:37 a.m.

Russo had no known health problems, but an autopsy report concludes that Frank Russo died of hypertensive cardiovascular disease. Frank was the first Schaumburg Police Officer killed in the line of duty since the Schaumburg Police Department was created in December 1959.

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