“I’m Security.” Black Panthers “Stand Guard” Outside a Polling Place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania media student approaches front door of polling place where a “security force” of Black Panther style males held an intimidating stance (one with a billy club), according to some witnesses.

“I think you might be a little bit intimidating that you have a stick in your hand,” said the student.

Who are you to decide? asks the Black Panther holding the billy club.

“But you have a night stick.”

The “security force” dressed in Black Panther-like garb replied “so what” and that the student “had a camera” in his hand.

The video was shot at 1221 Fairmount in Philadelphia outside of a polling place known as the Guild House West.

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Video of police response: The media student reported the man with the night stick to the police.

Rick Leventhal of FOXNEWS responded in a FOX NEWS quick response vehicle and got additional footage and an interview. The male with the night stick was asked to leave by police.

No information that any actual intimidation occurred.

A Republican poll watcher reported that one of the “security guards” said that “we’re tired of white supremacy.”

Partial transcript of interview with “black panther” outside polling place by FOX NEWS Rick Levanthal:

RICK LEVANTHAL: Did you tell that gentleman you were tired of white supremacy or did your colleague say that?

BLACK PANTHER: I don’t know what you talkin’ about. I don’t know why you comin’ up here and makin’ it look like we’re doing something wrong. We are just standin’ here right now … just serving our people. Like we’re supposed to be doin’.

RICK LEVANTHAL: Well that’s terrific. Is there any reason in particular why you’re wearing that uniform?

BLACK PANTHER: … and all that there … is not necessary.

RICK LEVANTHAL: Well I didn’t mean to harass you, I’m just here to ask you a question … that’s all.

BLACK PANTHER: I don’t know why you’re here at the pollin’ place with the camera in the first place.

RICK LEVANTHAL: Well, it’s our constitutional right to be at the polling place to record the …

BLACK PANTHER: I don’t want you recordin’ me. How ’bout the community doesn’t want you recordin’ them. People come to vote, and they come to vote in a peaceful … peaceful atmosphere. They don’t come to have somebody put … takin’ cameras and microphones and puttin’ it in their face.

RICK LEVANTHAL: Well what if … do people come to vote with expecting to see someone with a nightstick out front? … was that?

BLACK PANTHER: I’m not … nobody here has a nightstick … and so I don’t know what you talkin’ about [WALKS AWAY].

RICK LEVANTHAL: Well, there was a person with a night stick. We have video of it.

BLACK PANTHER: I don’t care about what WAS. I’m talkin’ about what IS.

RICK LEVANTHAL: OK. Well, that person was escorted out of here by the police … correct?

BLACK PANTHER: I’m I … I … don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.

RICK LEVENTHAL: Alright. We have video that shows the person with the night stick standing right next to you on this very curb.

BLACK PANTHER: You have me telling you that you had no authorization to be here at this pollin’ place. That’s what you got.

FOXNEWS checked with their legal department after they were told to leave by the unidentified black male — the Black Panther had called police and told FOXNEWS to leave. When police arrived, they also told FOXNEWS to leave. According to FOXNEWS legal department, the news media is allowed up to 10 feet away from the area.

Guild House West is part of a Friends Rehabilitation Program — a service for Philadelphia’s most vulnerable citizens that provides affordable housing and supportive social services to low income and homeless families in the manner of Friends.

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Friends Rehabilitation Program — frpinc.org