San Diego Police Chase Helicopter FLIR Infrared Video: Police Pursuit in San Diego Ends in Suspect’s Suicide with a Self-Inflicted Shotgun Blast

FLIR airborne law enforcement infrared imaging video during police pursuit shows suspect’s suicide with a shotgun after fleeing southbound Judson St. in San Diego (Video removed by YouTube for violation of terms).

Image of suspect who eventually shot himself bailing from a car rolling to a stop.

Suspect runs to backyard with police officer with gun drawn (right) in pursuit.

Suspect, seconds before self-inflicted shotgun blast to the head.

SAT NOV 11 2007 — A carjacking suspect bails out the passenger side of a stolen car southbound on Judson Street in San Diego in the Linda Vista neighborhood at 1:04 A.M. The driver of the pursued car rolls the car southbound a few more feet while the passenger runs southbound passing five houses to the end of the street, and then toward a backyard.

Chrysler 300 SRT-8 (file photo).

The police pursuit began on state Route 163 when police identified a black 2007 Chrysler 300 reported taken at gunpoint (about 45 minutes prior) on Beadnell Way near Mount Abernathy Avenue in Clairemont shortly before midnight Friday. The driver of the stolen car took the Genesee Avenue exit and headed south on Judson Street toward a dead end.

View Larger Map of crime scene, pursuit initiation, and of Linda Vista neighborhood where pursuit ended.

San Diego Police are given instructions on the ground from the vantage point of a police helicopter equipped with a FLIR Infrared Thermal Imaging camera. The airborne law enforcement camera is able to warn the pursuing officers on the ground that a fleeing suspect has a shotgun and officers are advised not to jump over a fence where the suspect appears to be ready to use the shotgun on the pursuing officers. Shortly afterwards, the suspect is shown with thermal imaging to fire a self-inflicted, fatal gunshot to his own head with the shotgun.

Suspect was found in the middle of a backyard of the last house (southbound toward the dead end) on the west side of Judson Street in San Diego. The other suspect, the driver, was apprehended further north in 2200 block of south Judson Street.

1141=Ambulance needed or “ambulance”
ABLE = San Diego Airborne Law Enforcement (ABLE)
FLIR = Forward Looking InfraRed detects warm objects against a cold background in complete darkness, and “sees” through smoke, fog and haze better than visible light camera.

Under California Penal Code Section 215, carjacking is the successful taking of a vehicle from someone’s immediate possession with the use of force or fear. The penalty for carjacking in California is up to nine years state prison, plus additional time if a weapon is used or if someone is injured.

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