Young Hawk in a Tree

A hawk poses in a tree.

A young hawk was found with an injured or malformed wing and was sitting still in a tree for hours on Sunday. Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. was called on Sunday and returned a call on Monday about noon. The hawk left its perch in north-central Arlington Heights sometime during the day on Sunday.

Dawn Keller, Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. founder, advised that rescuers generally do not chase a hawk that is perched 15-feet high in a tree. Advice was given that the hawk will eventually come to the ground to look for food. The hawk’s landing on the ground gives the best opportunity for capture. Flint Creek recommended placing a recycling bin overturned over the hawk and possibly a weight, like a large rock, on top of the overturned recycling bin. Then Flint Creek recommended another call for help to have Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation come out and pick up the hawk. Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation advises against giving food or water to the hawk because of risk of injury to an inexperienced caregiver.

A hawk that is rescued with a broken wing hopefully will get treatment with a splint or even surgery for a hopeful outcome. Successful treatment outcomes result in hawks being released to the wild, while birds with non-functional wings may find residence in a caged sanctuary or educational facility.

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Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation (Official Site)

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