Strong Earthquake in Los Angeles — 5.8 Richter Scale

Epicenter near Los Angeles — 5.6 magnitude in the Chino Hills area 29 miles east-southeast of Los Angeles.

Earthquake felt from Los Angeles to San Diego about 11:45 PM Local Time in Los Angeles … officially reported at 11:32 AM PDT.

Felt like a long earthquake — lasted 30 seconds. Felt like a roll, not an explosion. Others did report it felt like an explosion. Another reported the earthquake swayed east to west and then north to south

Tall buildings were shaking.

Eight miles deep. Not from the San Andreas fault.

Also felt in Las Vegas, Nevada.

No early reports on injuries.

No serious structural damage expected.

Ten aftershocks hit within 12 minutes of earthquake.
Twenty-six aftershocks reported in 48 minutes after earthquake.

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