Schaumburg Baby Duck Rejects Rescue Attempts in Underground Water Duct

Rescue workers attempt to get a baby duck out of an underground water duct.

JUL 13 2008 —  A Schaumburg Park District Ranger, Schaumburg Public Works, Schaumburg Police and Schaumburg Fire Department worked to free a baby duck from an underground water duct between noon and 2:00 pm Sunday at the corner of American Lane and National Parkway in Schaumburg across the street from John Barleycorn Schaumburg Restaurant and Bar.

A woman had exited a car stopped at a crosswalk to help some baby ducks and their mother safely cross National Parkway. All of the baby ducks and the mother duck jumped the curb and made it to the parkway, except one baby duck that fell right through the curb grate into an underground water duct that connects area streams and retention basins. The upset woman and her friends called 9-1-1 and a Schaumburg Park District Ranger and Schaumburg Public Works crew were sent to the scene. When one of the workers became trapped in a duct, the fire department was called. The worker was immediately released without trouble. The workers tried to reach the duck, but the duck would scurry away from either grate entrance until he was out of reach. The rescuers decided to leave the duck to make it on its own through an opening to a nearby creak or water reservoir.