Christopher Long Knocked to the Ground by NYPD Officer During Critical Mass Bike Ride (VIDEO)

Video of New York police officer slamming a Critical Mass cyclist to the ground.

Video on YouTube shows NYPD officer Officer Patrick Pogan, 23, walk toward oncoming cyclist, Christopher Long, 29, and violently knock him to the ground with a forearm blow to the upper chest and right shoulder in front of crowds of people — at least one with a video camera. A second officer comes over, and the two officers wrestle with Christopher Long before handcuffing him on Seventh Avenue in Times Square.

The officer’s police report claims the bicyclist drove straight into the officer. The video posted on YouTube shows the officer heading toward’s the cyclist before striking Long and knocking him off of his bike to the ground.

Christopher Long was participating in a Critical Mass bicycling event that is held the last Friday of the month in cities around the world. The ride, originally founded in September 1992, had the goal of pointing out how unfriendly a city is to bicycle riders. Today the rides do not necessarily have one specific goal.

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