Sikorski Helicopter Lifts Rooftop Air Conditioning Units from South Middle School and Other Schools

A Sikorski Helicopter from Midwest Truxton International Lifts Rooftop Air Conditioning Units from South Middle School in Arlington Heights.

If you were near Thomas Middle School, Olive-Mary Stitt Elementary School or South Middle School Monday morning, chances are you saw a large orange and white helicopter lifting air conditioners off of the roofs of those schools. Between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. a large Sikorski helicopter with a long cable, hook and straps was equipped to remove old air conditioning units being replaced with new air conditioning units at each school.

The helicopter was a favorite for children who were able to get a close up look while the giant helicopter was waiting in its landing zone in the center of Matthew Ives Memorial Track at South Middle School, 400 South Highland Avenue in Arlington Heights.

The helicopter pilot, roof crew and ground crew were able to remove six air conditioners from the roof of the District 25 school and load them on a flatbed trailer in about 15 minutes.

Midwest Helicopter Airways has been providing aerial crane services since 1968. Services provided include assisting with firefighting, disaster relief, lifting light poles, steel erection, electric tower construction, radio communication tower construction and more.

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