Simple Principles For A Successful Marriage (Book)


Simple Principles for a Successful Marriage offers practical tips and advice that married couples can apply right away to enhance relationships. Written in a direct, easy-to-read style, this book offers simple principles that couples of any age must follow to guarantee a successful marriage. These principles are organized in subjects such as communication, trust, romance, finances, and resolving conflict. Whether they are newlyweds or long-married senior citizens, all couples will benefit from the wisdom contained in Simple Principles for a Successful Marriage. In addition to the 200 powerful principles for a successful marriage and their supporting text, this book contains exercises that couples can practice to build a strong and lasting relationship.

Author Alex A. Lluch points out that a married woman averages seven more hours per week of work in a marriage. A man averages one hour less of work in a marriage. Alex A. Lluch, author of the marriage book was interviewed on FOX NEWS today.