Security Guard Botches Protection at Oasis Liquor in Orlando, Video and 9-1-1 Call

Security guard from Allied Protection Services reports a man with a gun and then a shooting at the Oasis Liquor Store.

The Cardinal will keep it simple:
Gunmen, Ahmed Abouslam, comes to shoot former boss, owner of Oasis Liquor in Orlando, Florida.

Gunman realizes he forgot to load his gun and goes outside to reload.

Security guard, Junior Jean calls 9-1-1, but doesn’t know address of the store he is protecting and has trouble remembering the name of the store — Oasis Liquors … and he doesn’t lock the door to keep the gunman out or at least slow him down.

Gunman comes back and shoots the owner while the security guard runs away while he stays on 9-1-1 call and hides in a dumpster in the back of the store.

While hiding in the dumpster he refuses to return to the scene of the crime and can’t give the 9-1-1 much useful information about who was shot or which way the offender fled.

Junior Jean was fired and a lawsuit was settled against Allied Protection Services, the employer of the security guard Junior Jean.

Date of incident unknown.