Parents on the Lookout for a White Minivan After Suspicious Activity with Grade Schoolers in Arlington Heights

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THU APR 24 2008 — The following is an incident that was reported by a parent about her boys and an unknown man that took place on April 23, 2008 after school near Windsor Drive and Volz Drive East.

The following excerpt is text from a concerned mother’s e-mail that is being forwarded to parents in the area:

A man in a white minivan travelling West, pulled over to the wrong side of the road to address the boys, who were walking East towards our street. He signaled with both hands for the boys to get in the car. The boys shook their hands to say no and the man again signalled with his hands that they come over to the minivan. He didn’t say anything during this time. The boys resumed walking.. The minivan then backed up a little to follow the boys, stopped, and drove away towards Riley school.

The boys believe the man was driving a white Ford Windstar with tinted windows. The man is described as caucasian and bald, except for some scruffy dark brown facial hair or perhaps a small goate. I questioned the boys separately, and they both made the remark that he had an unusually long neck, so he may have been quite tall. They both felt he was in his 30’s. He was wearing a headset.

The boys didn’t specifically recognize the man, but they both agreed that he looked familiar.

A police report tonight, case #08-08993 — was filed April 24 and the officer’s name who will submit the report is Greg Czernecki, whose phone number at the Arlington Heights Police Dept is 847.368.5300. A public report should be available in 5 days.

Please contact the police if you see any minivan matching this description and attempt to get license plate numbers and/or letters if possible.