After Indecent Exposure Jog in Arlington Heights, One Cop Injured at Offender’s Home

Arlington Heights Police call for backup to control situation after neighbors complain about a naked jogger on Douglas Avenue.

Several neighbors in the 600 and 700 block of North Douglas reported a man in his twenties running south on Douglas totally naked just before 2 p.m. Thursday. Many neighbors were outside working in their yards when they saw a white male with thick, reddish-brown collar-length hair running casually down the sidewalk on the west side of the street. Several contractors of various services were also working along the length of the two blocks.

Apparently after going for a jog in the buff — with reportedly good running form — the jogger returned to his home in the 600 block of North Douglas. Arlington Heights Police responded to neighbors complaints and some type of struggle occurred, resulting in one injured Arlington Heights Police officer and one offender transported to the hospital in custody.

Video shows police backup response after the struggle and shows the suspect wheeled on a stretcher to the ambulance. Both the police officer and the suspect were transported to Northwest Community hospital in separate ambulances.