Woman DUI Prisoner in Shreveport Police Station Abused, Apparently Beaten While in Handcuffs (VIDEO)

Police video of Angela Garbarino, 42, apparently beaten by police officer while in handcuffs in Shreveport Police Station.

The US Justice Department is joining the Caddo District Attorney’s office in investigating the November 17, 2007 incident involving the case of a Louisiana woman who is seen struggling with a police officer and then lying in a pool of blood in an interrogation room following an interruption in a police department video.

Attorney for Wiley Willis, 30, the police officer who was fired on February 5 in connection with the case, claims that Garbarino fell.

Angela Garbarino injuries.

Garbarino claims she was beaten while the officer tried to force her to take a breathalyzer test against her will. Paramedics transported Garbarino to LSU Hospital in Shreveport. She was treated for a broken nose, a fractured cheek bone and bruises on various parts of her body and the avulsion of two teeth that were knocked out during the struggle.

Garbarino was arrested on suspicion of DUI after her car struck parked cars in a parking garage and a lightpole on a city street near Sam’s Town Casino & Hotel, 315 Clyde Fant Memorial Parkway in Shreveport [MAP/SAT].