Texas UFO Sighting: “Big As it Was, IT Wasn’t From Texas”

CNN Report.

People are glad other people saw it, so they know they are not crazy.

JAN 08 2008 (Stephenville, Texas) Several dozen residents reports UFO sightings at different times. One viewer describes a very large object (mile wide craft that moved silently and very low over the terrain) hovering over a forest, about 300 feet in the air. The story is backed up by a pilot and a constable: they report the same type of sighting [MAP/SAT].

Virgil Fowler photos: One photographer capturing the sunset over Lake Travis (almost 150 miles south of Stephenville, Texas), noticed an interesting object in the picture upon closer inspection [MAP/SAT]. Lake Travis is a reservoir on the Colorado River northwest of the city of Austin.

Some residents say they saw fighter jets chasing the UFO.

Military says it had no planes in the area and that the sightings were probably just sightings of a large airliner.

“That’s what they always say, remember?”

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