Summit, Illinois Fire with Flashover Kills Elderly Man (VIDEO)

Upon arrival firefighter reports: “Invalid up on the second floor!” Just under 6 minutes later there is a flashover.

OCT 15 2002 1300 C– Video of on-scene arrival, lead-outs, ventilation, pike pole, ladder operations to second-floor windows and to the roof. Flashover occurs with victim and Summit Fire Department firefighters inside home at 5339 South 72nd Court [MAP/SAT] Firefighters were about approaching the victim on the second floor when the fire flashed over and forced firefighters to dive down the stairs and role out the front door and then down the outdoor steps.

Part 2: Ceiling of first floor shown burning after flashover/backdraft emergency, then second floor dormer and window ignites, then victim recovery out of another second floor window.

Keyword: Backdraft