Save the Dock: An Improvement Wished Upon the Dock for OS X Leopard

The new Dock for OS X Leopard 10.5.1 had been called gaudy by some critics. No doubt the open application indicator in OS X Tiger had an indicator that is easier to see. The old indicator was a black triangle. The OS X Leopard indicator is a pale blue-lavender color disc that does not stand out; and, sometimes requires a little squinting to see if it’s there under an application icon.

Here’s a recommendation for the OS X Dock:

The following settings should be available from
Apple Menu: System Preferences … Dock

The Dock icons sit on a semi-transparent table platform. That table should be able to have it’s color or scheme changed. How about all black or a reflective granite? That would allow the little blue disc application indicator to stand out prominently.Want to see what that would look like? Next time you see a webpage with an all black background, position the browser window so that the black page becomes the background behind the Dock. Looks pretty good, doesn’t it. You can see the Dock application icons and the open application indicator much better.

Also the actual color and size of the open application indicator should susceptible to change in color and size.