Hollyweird: Britney Spears Not DUI, But Ambulance Ride Brings Major News Response

Arrival of emergency personnel at Britney Spear’s gated community.

With helicopters overhead and paparazzi gathering and running for a photo opportunity, “the news” caught Britney Spears on her way to the hospital for apparent alcohol intoxication.

A CBS2 News Truck, multiple helicopters overhead and a throng of photographers — all there just outside a gated community to see Los Angeles Fire Department Engine 108, Los Angeles Fire Department Ambulance 78 and a police escort arrive to Britney Spear’s residence to pick her up for a ride to the hospital.

“Ambulance is leaving! Ambulance is leaving!” Video of ambulance leaving the residential community and arriving at Cedars Sinai.

Of course there is another throng of photographers waiting at destination hospital Cedars Sinai Medical Center. It appears that a decoy ambulance might have been used — Los Angeles Fire Department Ambulance 97. At the end of this segment photographers and videographers with Hispanic accents appear to be yelling into a car with passenger Kevin Federline — calling him a ‘loser.’ “Yo Kevin. Loser! Loser! You piece of sh*#.”

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