Clinton Advisor Sidney Blumenthal Arrested for Aggravated DWI Monday Before New Hampshire Primary


Sidney Blumenthal, 59,  longtime friend and senior adviser to presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y. was allegedly driving a rental car north on Concord Street in Nashua, New Hampshire at a speed of 70 mph in a 30 mph zone when Nashua Police Sgt. Mike Masella decided to stop Blumenthal’s vehicle at about 12:30 a.m. Monday, January 7, 2008.

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Masella stopped Blumenthal’s vehicle at the intersection of Concord Street and Henri Burque Highway [MAP/SAT]. Erratic driving, the smell of alcohol during the traffic stop and other factors led to the suspicion that Blumenthal might be intoxicated. Blumenthal was arrested after taking a sobriety test and refusing to take a breathalzyer test. Blumenthal was arrested on a charge of “aggravated” driving while intoxicated because of the excessive speed in the 30 mph zone. Blumenthal was released from jail in the morning after being held about four hours.