VIDEO: Supporters of Castle Law and Pasadena, Texas Man Who Shot Two Burglars in Confrontation at Quanell X Rally

Neighbors and Joe Horn supporters chant “Go Home!” to uninvited marching New Black Panther Nation members and activist Quanell X.

Loud confrontation with shouting and angry confrontation of protesters responding to the march of Quanell X and New Black Panther members in Joe Horn’s neighborhood.

[Some graphic language] Up close with Quanell X and marchers. Quanell X: “Well, I don’t know how honest … the press is gonna be, but the press heard racial slurs. The press heard racial remarks by them. The press watched them shove, watched them kick, watched them hit.”

USA! USA! chants … Banners: “Race Baiting.” “Quanell X is a fraud.”

Motorcycles revving up in protest with banners “Quanell X is a fraud.”

Interview: We’re sick and tired of people trying to turn this into a race issue over things. We had a deputy killed the other day … a black deputy killed by four black men … where’s Quanell in this?

SUN DEC 02 2007 PASADENA, TEXAS — Activist Quanell X and dozens of other protesters of the New Black Panther Nation faced hundreds of homeowners and supporters of Joe Horn, the Pasadena man who shot and killed two men he suspected of burglarizing a neighbor’s home more on November 14, 2007 — a little over two weeks ago.

Families of the men that were shot and killed, Miguel Antonio DeJesus, 38, and Diego Ortiz, 30, were also present in the mostly white neighborhood of Joe Horn.

With American flags waving, signs supporting Joe Horn included …
We love our neighbor for portecting our neighbors
Burglary is a risky business
I support Joe Horn with bluebonnets and a Texas flag in the background
Quanell X is a Fraud!
Castle Law
Race Baiting
Quanell Jefferson Evans: We don’t need your drama

The crowd chanted …
Go Home! Go Home!

Motorcyclist Aaron “Blowout” Morrow, 43, and dozens of fellow bikers lined the 7400 block of Timberline, loudly and hauntingly revved their engines each time Quanell X attempted to speak.

Quanell X is calling for Horn, a white male in his 60’s, to be charged with murder for shooting DeJesus and Ortiz, who were black.

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