Hersey High School Receives E-Mail Threat


A canine search of Hersey High School was conducted last night after an
e-mail threat was received, according to a security notification posted
on the Hersey High School website dated December 19, 2007.

Students and parents were notified by an automated telephone message
system about 6 a.m. Wednesday that the school building was safe and that
students should attend school.

The Arlington Heights Police are not releasing any details of the
threat. Police canine units are often used to search for explosives,
drugs and even the scent of known suspects that match an article a
suspect leaves behind at a crime scene.

The security notification from Hersey High School Principal Dr. Tina
Cantrell stated, “we have certified that there is no threat to the
safety or security to our students and staff and we fully believe that
our campus is safe.”

Arlington Heights Police and Hersey School administrators are
aggressively investigating the threat. A gun threat was received less
than one week ago — written on a bathroom wall.