Bensenville Warehouse Carbon Monoxide Incident Brings Extra Alarm Ambulance Response

At least 12 people were transported to area hospitals after high levels

of carbon monoxide caused illness at a warehouse at 971 Thorndale Avenue

in Bensenville.

Over 100 people signed medical refusals and were released. Levels of 500

ppm were reported. At 400 ppm people are known to experience frontal

headaches within 2 hours. At 800 ppm people can experience headaches,

dizziness, nausea and even convulsions with only 45 minutes exposure.

Fire departments from Addison, Des Plaines, Elk Grove Village, Elk Grove

Township, Elmhurst, Itasca, Rosemont, and Wood Dale reponded to the

scene. A physician was also called to the scene. Also, a Mobile

Intensive Care trailer resonded to the warehouse to accommodate a large

number of people.