Missing Person/Possible Homicide Case of Stacy Peterson: More Details Emerging

“‘Come here, Sharon. … I want you,’” said Sharon Bychowski — a close friend and next-door neighbor of Stacy and Drew Peterson. She was quoting comments made by Drew Peterson last Thursday night, which prompted her to file a police report. On that night Drew Peterson began the tirade standing on Sharon Bychowski’s lawn at 11 p.m. and shouting her name.

On Friday November 9th, Drew Peterson was named a suspect in the Oct. 28 disappearance of Stacy Peterson (Drew Peterson’s fourth wife), changing the case from a missing person investigation to a potential homicide investigation. The first search warrant was executed at the Peterson home address at 6 Pheasant Chase Circle, Bolingbrook, IL [MAP/SAT] Thursday, November 1st. A second search warrant was issued Tuesday, November 6th.

Geraldo At Large on FOXNEWS “The fate of the cop who keeps losing wives” reported on a  short Geraldo Rivera interview of Drew Peterson this past weekend.

After being asked by FOXNEWS if he knew any more details about the death of his third wife, Kathy Savio, Drew Peterson replied, “What do you get when you cross the media with a pig? Nothing.”

Report coming out … a new look at the evidence of Kathy Savio will be released soon … “Evidence consistent with the staging of a homicide.”

Review of letters from Kathy Savio before her death reveal the following striking comments: “He knows how to manipulate the system. The next step he will take my children away from me and kill me.”

News out this weekend that Craig Stebic says he sympathizes with Drew Peterson — referring to how the media reacts to the investigation.

Stacy Peterson, 23, married Drew Peterson, 53, at age 17, and right before she was reported missing revealed that she thought something was wrong with her relationship with Drew Peterson.

WGN Julian Crews reporting on Stacy Peterson case before it was declared a possible homicide case … nine specific areas are the focus of the search for Stacy Peterson.

What did Texas Equusearch find?
Texas Equusearch, the rescue group leading the search for Stacy Peterson, will take a break Sunday to review maps. A shallow grave (approx. 7′ x 3′) found during an aerial survey by Texas Equusearch is not believed to be related to the Stacy Peterson missing person case, but FOXNEWS is reporting that there is some speculation that the grave could be related to the missing person case of Lisa Stebic.

Blue barrels? … or some device used to submerge the body are being considered, also reported by FOXNEWS.

Texas Equusearch resumes search this week.

Search details and methods reported by CLTV November 6, 2007 prior to the start of the search by Texas Equusearch.


More info …
Texas Equusearch (www.texasequusearch.org)
Stacy Peterson Missing Person Flier from Texas Equusearch

Name: Stacy Ann Peterson
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 100 lbs
Age: 23
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Tatoos: Carnation (on small of back)

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