LIFETIME FITNESS Kicks Off General Fitness Program

LIFETIME FITNESS is promoting a fitness program designed as a built-in
support group with improved discipline that is designed to increase lean
muscle mass and strength, increase energy and decrease body fat.

The program has three phases that are each four weeks long: Recruitment
Phase, Basic Training Phase, and an Advanced Training Phase.

Recruitment Weeks 1-4
Weightlifting, sprints pushups resistance band training, and abdominal

Body comp analysis, situps-to-failure test, sit-and-reach test,
12-minute run, and pushups-to-failure test.

Basic Training
The second phase builds endurance with more intensive training, striving
to improve time and performance results.

Includes a Gauntlet series of exercises with no rest.

At the end of Basic Training members must pass a test and move to
advanced training.

Advanced Training Weeks 9-12
Dedicated timed sprints, lots of abdominal work, pushups and progressive
weight training.

Specified missions and man-made obstacle courses that members don’t know
about until the same day.

At the end of 12 weeks a final test is administered.

Average recruit lost 34% body fat, 13.3 LBS of body weight,
Increased cardio performance 94%, and increased upper body strength

There is also a junior generals program available for children.

— mb