LAPD Scraps Plan to Map Out Muslim Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Police Department has stopped a plan to map out Muslim communities after a week of protests from Muslim groups and civil libertarians, who claimed the mapping was outright religious profiling.

The Census Bureau is barred by law from asking people for their religious affiliation. There is no scientific data on the size of the nation’s Muslim population and location. The size of the population is estimated to range from about 1.4 million adults in a Pew Research Center study this year to 7 million or more claimed by some community organizations. Ancestry information on Muslims are difficult to understand since large numbers of people with Iranian backgrounds, for example, are Jewish; and many people with Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian roots could be Christian or Muslim.

FOX NEWS reports that ChoicePoint with iMapData already provides the type of mapping that Los Angeles Police Department was considering.

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