Jewelry Heist: Jewelry Robbery Foiled in Downtown Arlington Heights

An Arlington Heights police officer on patrol in downtown Arlington Heights pulled up to the scene of a silver sedan backed up over a lamp post on the sidewalk near Starbucks on Evergreen between Sigwalt and Campbell Wednesday just after noon. At first he thought he came upon a simple case of bad driving, but he soon learned that he just missed witnessing a robbery: a jewelry salesman had just been robbed in his car after he left a nearby jewelry store.

Police at the scene of a vehicular robbery of jewelry merchandise from a jewelry salesman.

Lamp knocked over by silver sedan during jewelry robbery near Starbucks on Evergreen in Arlington Heights Wednesday just afternoon.

Aftermath of robbery scene Wednesday afternoon looking north on Evergreen from Sigwalt.

Apparently, thieves rushed the jewelry salesman and broke the windshield and windows on both sides of his car; then grabbed bags filled with jewelry in broad daylight at about 12:15 p.m. Wednesday and fled. The jewelry salesman jumped out of his car as the thieves left, but forgot to put his car in PARK. The car jumped the curb and knocked over a light post. Soon afterward the patrol car just happened to come upon the scene.

Scene at Pine and Northwest Highway where five were arrested minutes after a jewelry robbery in downtown Arlington Heights, just blocks away.

Police were able to act fast and stop a vehicle — a white Cherokee Sport on Pine Avenue, just south of Northwest Highway in Arlington Heights. Five suspects were questioned and admitted robbing the jewelry salesman after watching him exit a jewelry store with jewelry and get into his car. The value of the jewelry is reported to be $800,000. The five were arrested and brought to the downtown Arlington Heights Police station for further questioning and evidence collection.

The five arrested are reported to be Ana Yolima Sanchez, 28, of the 1500 block of Bay Road in Miami, and Eliu A. Alverio, 42, Jhoana Rancan, 35, Ricardo Montaivan, 24, and Vanessa Ortiz , 19, all of the 2300 block of Farwell Street in Chicago. Their getaway car was towed to a holding bay in the Arlington Heights Police station for evidence and inspection. Each suspect is charged with one felony count of vehicular invasion.

The suspects were transferred under careful guard to the Rolling Meadows Courthouse at Euclid and Wilke on Thursday. Bail was set at $200,000 Alverio,  $175,000 for Sanchez and Montaivan, and $150,000 for Ortiz and Rancan.

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