San Diego Wildfire VIDEO

Video showing reduced visibility from smoke and falling ash.

Local freeways are closed, I-15 between CA-78 and SR-56, HWY 67 N/b, CA-78 Eastbound, I-8 eastbound, and many other freeways going east are closed.

36,000 people  evacuated and 5,000 acres burned in Ramona, California. Ramona is located in North San Diego Country [MAP/SAT].

17 people burned, including 4 firefighters with serious injuries.

Overall 250,000 people will be forced to evacuate their homes on Monday, October 21, 2007. The fire is expected to reach the San Diego city limits Monday as seven counties in Southern California are in a state of emergency. Qualcomm stadium has been opened to evacuees.

All fires included in Los Angeles and San Diego area, there are almost 100,000 acres destroyed by fire as of about lunch time Monday in California.

Video showing loss of visibility in the hills and valleys of San Diego County.

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