Little yellow car says “stop searching.”

Little yellow car “Stop searching.”

Access data like never before — thanks to the proprietary information technology available through CoStar. In business for 20 years to help real estate professionals achieve greater success through a vast network of field knowledge. Database on more than 38 billion square feet of commercial space. Expansive online databases of real estate information available across a variety of markets with a comprehensive digital library to look at properties or post listings.

Costar’s commercial real estate information services include the following:

The industry’s most comprehensive commercial real estate database with more than 2 million properties representing more than 38 billion square feet of inventory and over 760,000 for-sale and for-lease property listings in the United States, the United Kingdom and France.

The largest independent network of researchers and analysts, employing over 1,000 highly trained professionals who canvass the country, interview owners and brokers, inspect properties and examine public records to build accurate, up-to-the-minute information you need.

The most extensive commercial real estate photo library, over 3 million high-resolution photographs of buildings, lobbies and aerial views.

Flexible suite of reporting analytic and presentation tools, featuring verified sales comparables, tenant contacts and lease expiration dates — carefully compiled and specifically tailored to meet the needs of brokers, investors, property managers, landlords and appraisers.