Explosion and Bleve from a Propane Tank at a Foundry in Tacoma, Washington

Two views of an explosion and bleve after an 8000 gallon propane tank ignited at Atlas Castings and Technology [MAP/SAT]. At least one man was critically injured. Charles McDonald, 64, the driver of the delivery truck, was in critical condition Sunday at Harborview Medical Center. the driver was highly trained in propane transfer and was in the process of transferring propane from the truck to the foundry.

Full version of first view.

Fire and explosion occurred about 4:15 p.m. on Saturday, October 6, 2007. An axle from the truck landed about 4 blocks from where the truck tanker exploded at the foundry. An apparent leak of propane from the truck tank owned by IXL Transportation Services of Molalla, Oregon allowed gas to reach a furnace, which ignited the propane.

Full version of second view.