Archive Photos to Web Galleries on .Mac from Your iPhone

If you want to contribute to your own Web Gallery or another members’ Web Gallery album on .Mac, you can archive photos by sending it from your iPhone.

First, go to your Mac …

Go to the album to which you want to add photos

Click Send to Album. A sheet will appear with the album’s email address.

Click the address, and your desktop Mail application will create a new message with the album’s address already filled in.

Continuing in your Mail application, click the arrow to the right of the address, and a contextual menu will appear.

Select Add to Address Book to create a new contact, then give it a name and click Edit. Repeat the process for every Web Gallery album to which you want to contribute,

Next dock your iPhone …

Sync your contacts to your iPhone. The albums’ addresses will be stored in your iPhone.

From anywhere …

Add photos to the web album by sending the photo in an email to that album’s email address.