Scarsdale Home Burglary Suspects Fleeing Owner: One Caught by Gymnastics Coaches

Two gymnastics coaches, ,Julian Basler (age 29, coach at Prospect High School) and George Kakis (age 20, gymnastic instructor at Prospect), pursued one of two fleeing burglars on Friday afternoon, August 10, 2007. The coaches were at a home in the Scarsdale neighborhood when they saw a woman chasing two men on bicycles and yelling that she had been ‘robbed’.  One of the suspects had a duffel bag, presumed by the coaches to be full of stolen goods. The coaches jumped in a van and pursued the suspect with the duffel bag. The younger Kakis jumped out of the van and tackled Chicago resident James M. Boyer, age 29, near Scarsdale Automotive at 445 South Arlington Heights Road [MAP/SAT].

A laptop computer and camera and other items were recovered and Boyer was arrested by Arlington Heights police officers. The other suspect escaped on a bicycle.