Rush Hour Accident at Rand and Palatine Road, Crash Rolls One Car to Its Side

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Firefighters use cribbing or Step Chocks to stabilize a Pontiac Grand Am rolled on its side on the median on Rand Road near the Palatine Road intersection in Arlington Heights.

A rush hour crash at about 5:30 p.m. injured two people at Rand and
Palatine Road [MAP/SAT] Thursday afternoon. A black Pontiac Grand Am was resting
on its passenger side on the median just east of Palatine and Road after
the accident. A late 1980’s or 1990 Toyota Corolla appeared to have been
hit while it was in a left lane of northwestbound Rand Road, just east of the
Palatine and Rand intersection. The Corolla had left side damage to the
door and left windshield from the impact of crash with the Pontiac Grand
Am. The Grand Am was turning left from southeastbound Rand Road to eastbound Palatine Road. A total of four cars were involved in the crash.

Two people were injured and one was transported to Northwest Community Hospital.
A private ambulance crew aided the two injured people until Arlington
Heights Fire Department paramedics arrived.

A witness in a sports car helped the driver out of the Grand Am.

One person was arrested for a traffic violation and transported by
Arlington Heights Police Department to the downtown Police/Fire

Arlington Heights Police Department investigates the cause of the accident with help from witnesses on the scene.

Hillside Auto Towing and Repair Uprights a Grand Am at the  accident scene.

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