First Full Software Update to iPhone Brings New Features, Stability

The first full iPhone update, 1.1.1,  released on September 27, 2007 adds a mobile iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, new home button shortcuts and other features recently released in the iPod touch. The update significantly changed the iPhone’s software and improved stability of its applications.

The update includes the following:

Option for the Home Button to select either ‘Home’, ‘Phone Favorites’, and ‘iPod’ screens.

Keyboard option that enables a period and space (“. “) shortcut: double-tapping the space bar during entry of an e-mail or text message inserts a period and a space (instead of a space-only).

New text message alert tones.

The iPhone update made some iPhones ‘bricks’ as they become incompatible due to previous unsupported hacks for modifying the system software or installing third party applications.

Update only available through iTunes.