Fayetteville, Arkansas Police Rescue Crash Victim from Burning Car

Video shows police officers using a fire extinguisher and eventually breaking the back window of the wrecked car and pulling the male victim from the back window of the car.

MAR 21 2007 FAYETTEVILLE, AK — Two Fayetteville police officers rescue a man from a car accident that resulted in a car fire just after 1:30 a.m. A police officer with a fire extinguisher temporarily pushes back the fire while another police officer tries to open a jammed driver’s side door. The fire flares up again and officers break the back window with the fire extinguisher and pull the victim out the opening of the back window. The flames and smoke are so bad just seconds before extracting the victim — one officer is heard saying, “I can’t see nothing, man.”

The fully-involved car fire extends to a nearby building just before the fire department arrives. The successful police rescue attempt lasts about 5 minutes before the fire department arrives.