Top 10 Rescue Videos from the U.S. Coast Guard

Top Ten U.S. Coast Guard Rescues.

U S Coast Guard VIDEO: Since 1790. The Coast Guard has rescued thousands of mariners in distress. This is the Top Ten Rescue videos of all-time. These videos were rated by the US Coast Guard publisher both on the significance of each particular case, as well as the dramatic footage of the rescues.

10. Tug Samson off of the Florida Coast in 1997.

9. Hurricane Gordon 1994.

8. Gambler off of the coast of Massachusetts in 1994.

7. Trouble in the surf in 1996.

6. M/V Prinsendam in the Gulf of Alaska in 1980.

5. Capsized in the Caribbean in 1992.

4. Terrifying collision with a dock in Fort Lauderdale in 1997.

3. Cruise Ship Sea Breeze Atlantic Ocean in 2000.

2. Alaskan Monarch in the Berin Sea in 1990.

1. Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005.